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You're in the content business now.

Facebook. Twitter. Your website. It’s all about content. And not just any content. Good, quality content is serious business because so much rides on it: website ranking, branding, messaging … sales.

Gone are the days when all you had to do was develop a clever ad and leave the interesting content to magazines and newspapers. Now, you are the editor, the advertiser, the publisher. You are the storyteller, the salesman and the newsstand all rolled into one.  

Big-budget companies have large social media departments and content marketing specialists to perform all those functions for them. You have Grassroots Communications, your contract freelance writer specializing in content for businesses. I do it all: storytelling, advertising, editing, publishing, and content distribution. Contact me for a free consultation.

Dee McVicker


About Dee McVicker / Grassroots Communications


Dee McVicker is rarely at a loss for words. She likes putting them together in interesting ways. As a fulltime freelance writer for more than 20 years, Dee has strung together one word after another to create some rather interesting articles, PR copy and marketing collateral. She wrote the book Easy Recycling Handbook and hundreds of articles (she stopped counting after 500). Dee's byline has appeared in MIT's Technology Review, Billboard and Equus magazines, all of which give companies a leg up in the remarkable content department.    

Partial Client List

American Express

Broadcast Electronics

CMP/United Business Media

Exceptional Minds




AARP Magazine





MIT Technology Review

Radio World


What my remarkable clients say about me:  


For nearly 10 years, Dee McVicker has been our go-to writer -- the one we call when we have only a germ of an idea for a story with heavy, technical content. Dee easily demystifies our "techno-speak," turning rough ideas into punchy, engaging stories that deliver a clear message. Dee's keen listening and relationship skills enable her to get the most out of interviews with people at all levels. She always manages to capture memorable quotes that make her stories sing. I highly recommend that you contract Dee as a freelance writer. She'll become a welcome addition to your employee communications team, earning her seat at the table by offering insight into employee attitudes that can help shape your communication plans in a meaningful way. 

Jana A Cardoza | Director – Technologies Communications
American Express Company | Technologies
200 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10285-3704

I have had the pleasure to work with Dee McVicker twice in my career. At the RF Specialties Group, I contracted with Dee to write our quarterly customer newsletter over about a five year period. Later, at Broadcast Electronics, I had many opportunities to collaborate with Dee on press releases and other company publicity pieces. I have always appreciated Dee's unique ability to take complex technical topics and turn them into prose that is a pleasure to read and easy to comprehend. Add to this her cheerful personality and good work ethic, and she is a joy to work with. The world needs more Dee McVickers.

John Schneider | Director of Business Development – Latin America
Ibiquity Digital  


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Equus magazine cover 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about web PR, inbound marketing and remarkable content


    by Dee McVicker


    Q: What is the difference between traditional public relations and Web PR?

    A: Companies today can get their message in front of major news sites, browsers and targeted media in just a couple of clicks. In addition, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook offer rich word-of-mouth opportunities for blogs, announcements and other content that can be used to drive traffic back to company websites. All this in turn creates greater web visibility and, ultimately, exposure to customers.

    Q: Why is it so important to have remarkable content if you have a website today?

    A: The reason is simple search engine economics. If you have a killer website but it doesn’t get a high enough search ranking based on keywords that are important to your market, your site is simply not visible to prospective customers. Content is the Google “juice” that gives you the page ranking needed to be one of the sites your customers will click on for more information.  

    Q: How does remarkable content differ from same-old content?

    A: Good enough content doesn’t cut it anymore. Companies need to straddle that fence between obvious, self-aggrandizing product promotion and information that is useful to customers. It’s a delicate balance, but it is well worth the effort. Web PR and inbound marketing cost a fraction what traditional PR and advertising cost, and messages live on indefinitely through the internet rather than as one-time paid interruptions.

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